How our team spent a three-day weekend in the mountains

A New Year’s party turned out to be a real adventure. The team traveled to the Bukovel ski resort.

The program for the event was perfectly planned, so there was enough time for everything, including a stroll around the resort, skiing, and chatting with colleagues.

The organization of the corporate party for an outstanding company such as this was absolutely magnificent. It would take me ages to list all the moments that evoked such positive emotions. I’d like to make a special mention of the snowboarding competition and the hot tubs. Sending hugs and kisses to my colleague George!

Taras, Python Developer at Admitad

On one day, the guys tried trout, rode jeeps through the mountains, and relaxed in hot tubs overlooking the snow-capped mountain peaks.

I spent an unreal weekend in Bukovel! To be honest, I was afraid that I wouldn’t like it. However, the program was amazing, and we managed to do a lot. The corporate trip ended with stunning fireworks. The fun three-day weekend went by quickly, providing me with many new stories to remember.

Elena, QA Engineer at Admitad

Due to the multitude of difficulties this uncertain post-pandemic time has provided, it’s essential to organize various offline events. It helps us see what our colleagues look like and provides us the opportunity to meet new people we haven’t seen in real life yet. I’m happy that our corporate party lasted longer than one day because it gave us plenty of time to talk (even though this wasn’t long enough). The location was also great. Bukovel offers various forms of entertainment for everyone. I want to highlight our relaxing time in the hot tubs, which would’ve been impossible in any other part of the globe. Many thanks to the organizers and everyone involved!

George, Developer at Admitad

Everyone was happy to meet up and spend the weekend together in such great company.

The trip was an especially memorable occasion thanks to our friendly team! Even though we spent a long time together, the atmosphere was always fun and relaxed. There was always someone with whom you could share your feelings. Many of us will remember this corporate party! In addition, I’d like to mention the moment when I heard the tunes of a song from my homeland. The guys played it just for me, and it was very sweet!

Vitaly, Team Lead V1 Team at Admitad