We are happy to announce that Admitad moved to a new office in India!

Since 2015, the Admitad India team has grown significantly.
On September 15, our Indian colleagues moved to their new, bright, spacious workspace.

“It’s indeed a momentous occasion for the Admitad India family. We have come a long way, growing and expanding our clients and advertisers base. This new office is a testament to our success story that we aim to rewrite. Cheers!”, commented Neha Kulwal, Country Manager Admitad India.

The team was happy and excited that day. They gathered together to celebrate this enjoyable event.

“I remember the moment I saw the office for the first time. It was just a beautiful bare floor. I have witnessed it transforming into a cozy space for the last three months. And I find it beautiful. My first thought when I entered the office was this: “The Team will love to come to this new vibrant, chic, and cozy office and enjoy 8 hours of work”. I love the design of the office. Especially its colors, interesting meeting rooms, huddle areas, and cafeteria”, comments Debalina Chatterjee.

“The first impression of the new office was amazing! It was just like shifting to a new house that is much bigger, warmer, and has so many good vibes. The first thought that came to my mind while entering the new office was that we are blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of this organization. May we grow faster & bigger with time”, says Sanjeevni Kaul.

We’re going to hire a significant number of local specialists. Check here for open positions. 

Headquartered in Heilbronn, Germany, Admitad remains committed to significantly strengthening its international presence. It currently has offices in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, the US, India, Brazil, and Poland.