Talent shows and rock dances. Highlights of our winter team building

On December 10, the Admitad office hosted a black-tie New Year’s evening talk show.

Guests took part in some of the best traditions of the Evening Urgant talk show. Attendees received a task that required some employees to rap while others had to guess the songs’ titles.

The Admitad Talk Show is pure love. My first impression was, ‘Wow! It seemed that TV host Katya Osadcha herself could come in to interview our corporate stars that evening.’ Everything was extraordinary: the location, the people, and the atmosphere! The girls impressed everyone with their sparkly dresses, and the men wore elegant suits. The dances and contests were entertaining, and many colleagues showed off their skills in the talent show. Evenings like this are remembered for a long time after and leave positive emotions. Thank you, Admitad!

Anastasia, Junior Marketing Manager at Admitad

The talent show contest was one of the evening’s main highlights. Employees sang songs (even in Turkish), danced, and performed stand-up in English.

It was such a wonderful party that I’d definitely love to do it again! The joyful atmosphere, colleague’s fancy outfits, and beautiful venue with tasty food created pleasant emotions. It still puts a smile on my face when I think about all of our team’s talents. Thanks to everyone who took part in the show!

Feodosii, Managing Director at Admitad

The party was awesome! I even took part in the performance. But I was very shy. I didn’t think there would be so many people! Everyone looked super beautiful!

Maria, Account Manager at Admitad

There were team competitions, as well. Employees answered tricky questions in an effort to win New Year’s prizes that included cases of champagne, pineapples, and M&Ms.

We danced a lot throughout the evening, talked it up, and watched the dazzling performances. The party ended with a drum segment where everyone could tap sticks and be involved in creating a unique rhythm for the evening. There was also an Admitad cake for everyone to enjoy.

People made my evening. Everyone was open and friendly, the music was really cool and got everyone dancing, and the hosts were great. They didn’t let anyone get bored, so we didn’t want the party to end!

Irina, Account Manager at Admitad

I’m very grateful to our administrative team for such a brilliant party! Everything was top-notch, from the hosts and band to the entertainment, food, location, decorations, and photo zone! Even friends from other companies and countries texted me to express how impressed they were by our party! I was also happy that all of my colleagues followed the dress code, so the level of beauty was just off the charts! I want to send a special thanks to all the organizers. Kudos to you!

Elena, Country Manager France at Admitad