Interning at Admitad

One’s first working experience is never easy, even if it’s a short internship. How can you understand in which areas to develop? What can you expect from your first interview? How do you get the most out of an internship and prove yourself?

We talked to our interns about their fears and expectations, their first impressions of the company, and the skills they acquired.


Polina, Corporate Communications

I checked the website, and a series of associations came to mind: business, people with laptops, holding calls. Basically, an office routine that I’ve almost never seen in real life.

Anastasia, HR

Before the internship, I checked out the company’s social media. I liked the photos of the office and couldn’t even believe that these were real pictures and not paintings. But everything turned out to be exactly like this: a stylish, dazzling, people-oriented office. It has everything you could want. It has a kitchen with delicious syrups and fresh fruits, an armoire, comfortable rooms for work, leisure areas, and a library. On my second day, I went to the library and found a really interesting book there.

Veronika, Corporate Communications

I was really looking forward to starting my internship because it was a new experience for me, and essential that it be partially offline. When will you ever have such an opportunity to work in the office of an international company, especially while you’re a student?

The first day at ADMITAD’S office

Paula, Junior Marketing Manager DACH, working student

My first day went smoothly. Everyone here is so kind and nice. I like the office and prefer to work from here because Admitad has a nice environment. The company’s employees are so welcoming. They’re always willing to help me with anything.

Ulyana, HR

I enjoyed my introductory day. I know that interns at other places didn’t have one at all. Instead, they were just given tasks upfront and left to fend for themselves. Furthermore, we were told about what the company is doing and what would be included in our tasks. It was a highly individualized approach. Everyone was interested in what we wanted to do and the tasks we wanted to perform.

Irina, Marketing

I thought the place was unique and cool. For example, the office has a vending machine with free juices and water, as well as a room for naps. When I’m in an aesthetically-pleasing place, it’s easier for me to work, so it really motivates me. It’s cool when there are spaces like this.

Acquired skills

Anastasia, Content Marketing

During my internship, I discovered my strengths and focused on what else needed to be improved. I gained important professional skills, such as the ability to analyze materials and work with videos. As a result, I understood that I really like the field of marketing.

Veronika, Corporate Communications

During my internship, I got to know the role Employer Branding plays and its importance. I also learned what EVP is and how to create it. Now I know how to work with texts and prepare materials for media publication. I believe that I can apply all this valuable knowledge and will feel more confident in my future job.

Paula, Junior Marketing Manager DACH, working student

I think that all the things I learned in Admitad will be useful for my future career. I find out so much new for myself and I have connected with so many people. Moreover, I can use my additional skills: the thing I learned in university and I can apply it in my job. The most challenging thing was that I haven’t worked  with a B2B product before.  And it’s a new experience for me.

Ulyana, HR

While I was doing my internship, I realized that I didn’t want to just do recruiting. I think it’s monotonous work that you get tired of pretty quickly. The most valuable thing for me was understanding what suits me and what doesn’t. If I continue working in HR, then, of course, all the experience I gained will come in handy. If I choose another field, then the phrase “internship at international company Admitad” on my resume will surely distinguish me from other candidates.

Victoria, Content Marketing

During this period, I learned how to properly write articles for educational media. I also discovered more about their structure and style. Moreover, I observed the relationship between marketing and intercultural theories in practice and began to wrap my head around logos, fonts, and colors.

Maria, HR

I gained the experience of going through an interview before being selected for the internship and improved my self-presentation skills because I constantly had to introduce myself to new people.

Anastasia, Content Marketing

It was interesting to learn about the company’s values. Admitad employees pointed out what they appreciate in the corporate culture. And that’s on top of Admitad’s overall positive vibe.

Suggestions from our HR team

Learn more about the company where you intern. Explore its websites, check out its corporate social media, and read reviews about it. Don’t be shy, and be sure to get the most out of this experience. Ask questions, suggest your ideas, and be proactive. Find out if there is an opportunity to continue the internship or work part-time.