Independence Day celebration at the Indian office

Our colleagues in Gurugram gathered to celebrate the spirit of freedom and unity.

Decorations in national colours, a photo booth to capture the moments, engaging games and quizzes, and exciting prizes for the winners – the day was full of activities and emotions.

The guys decorated the office in national colours – saffron, white, and green.
“We added a touch of patriotism to our workspace by decking it out in our national colours. Each corner of our workplace reflected the values of courage, unity, and progress that our country stands for.” – states Diksha, HR Senior Executive.

The team came dressed in national colours to create a visual spectacle that radiates their love for India.
“We believe celebrating Independence Day is not just a symbolic gesture. It’s an opportunity to gather as a diverse yet unified team. When we organize and participate in celebrations like these, we strengthen our bond as a family and feel connected by shared values, history, and aspirations”, share their emotions employees.