How our managers in India participated in the Young Leaders` Lab and what results they reached

“Investing in our people is investing in our future” is one of Mitgo’s core values. It is important for us to build strong teams, foster open dialogues, nurture belonging and help our people grow personally and professionally by providing them with necessary support.

Recently, our managers in India participated in the Young Leaders` Lab. The education programme was organised together with Mitgo Academy and the goal was to improve managerial and leadership capabilities of attendees. During 7 weeks the guys were involved in various classroom sessions and individual coaching, conducted homework exercises and had a common Whatsapp group together with trainers. The leaders explored, discussed and touched such themes as teamwork, disagreements and inclusive decision making, interpersonal connections, leader’s role model aspects, delegation, personal brand and other topics. 

“I was very grateful to attend the Management Development Programme. The comprehensive insights shared during these sessions have significantly impacted both my professional and personal dimensions. My experience has proven to be remarkably enlightening and transformative. I appreciate my company for curating sessions that seamlessly blend fun with profound learning. Moreover, I would like to express my gratitude to Jayant and Arpana for their exceptional facilitation skills. Their expertise, coupled with an engaging delivery, not only made the sessions informative but also enjoyable. Being part of this learning experience has been a privilege, and I am grateful for the opportunity”, shared Puja Singh, Head of Sales India at Admitad, a Mitgo company. 

“Participating in the recent training program has been an immensely enriching experience for me as a leader within the organisation. The impact of the training resonates in various aspects of professional journey. Notably, it played a pivotal role in transforming discord among leaders into a collaborative and harmonious work environment. The training provided a strategic lens on how to visualise not only the company’s growth but also personal and team development, fostering a forward-thinking mindset. Learning about effective delegation has equipped me and other leaders with valuable skills to optimise team performance, while the insights on navigating difficult conversations have proven invaluable in meeting objectives without losing sight of overarching goals. The program’s focus on raising awareness about unconscious biases at the management level has been eye-opening, offering practical strategies to ensure fair decision-making. As a self-awareness activity, the training encouraged us to identify one’s shortcomings, develop personalised solutions, and seamlessly implement them into daily practices. Overall, this training has been a transformative journey, fortifying the overall leadership capabilities and contributing to a positive and dynamic work culture”, shared Amoli Nagpal, Head of Advertiser Success India at Admitad, a Mitgo company. 

This insightful educational programme was completed by all participants and then the graduation ceremony with a warm celebration took place. 

We wish our colleagues a lot of success in their future leadership journey 🙂