Everything you need to know about the Admitad Startups incubator

The Admitad Startups studio was created in 2019. It helps businesses launch and become profitable.

Since our launch, we’ve achieved the following results:

  • 4 exits
  • 2 full-fledged startups
  • 60 buried projects
  • 8 ongoing projects in the incubator (6 active and 2 near close). 

We specialize in web and mobile e-commerce in the B2C and B2B segments. Our startup factory is backed by our incubator, which features marketing, tracking, analysis, production, and CustDev centers.

Advantages of working for Admitad Startups

Here our team celebrates Admitad Startups’ birthday

We’re proud to say our team members are very happy to work with us. Here’s what they appreciate the most:

  • We’ve created a dynamic and healthy environment for talented professionals.
  • We’re against bureaucracy and for openness and flexibility.
  • Our team members can come up with any hypotheses and test them freely.
  • You can grow horizontally and solve challenging issues.
  • You can explore different markets: From CPA in India to furniture rental in the US.

Today, Admitad has offices in 10 countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, India, UAE, Brazil, and the United States, and is headquartered in Heilbronn, Germany. We operate internationally, which allows us to integrate the best global practices into our workflows.

How the incubator cooperates with founders

Usually, founders come to us because they’ve got a startup idea but don’t know how to test it. Some of them have launched a small business and now need to scale it or tried to do it without a third party but failed.

We work with startups at any funding stage. Once we’ve identified a viable business idea for a startup, we’ll help its team draft a roadmap and follow it. Founders can easily build the foundation for their client base because we’re willing to share our existing customers with them. 

Here are the key benefits for founders looking forward to joining Admitad Startups’ incubator:

  • Startup development. We analyze the current state of the founder’s business and draft a strategy for its growth. 
  • Team. Founders can focus on what truly matters while our accountants, lawyers, developers, and other in-house specialists take care of routine affairs.
  • Money. We can fund startups until they reach breakeven. Plus, founders might be eligible to receive support from our Admitad Invest fund.

Overall, we help entrepreneurs who need knowledge, mentorship, and funding by connecting them with advanced industry experts and financially supporting their teams. 

Active startups in development

We currently have 2 seed-stage startups, 3 pre-seed ones, and another one in the discovery stage. In this section, we’ll introduce you to some of the projects developing inside of Admitad Startups’ incubator.

Lead Snake

Lead Snake’s founder and product manager, Vera, decided to launch this startup when she realized that businesses waste too much time attracting irrelevant leads with outdated contact information. She built a lead generation service for B2B clients in the IT and computer software segments of the US market. Her product helps companies get high-quality, hand-picked leads that will be genuinely interested in purchasing these companies’ goods and services.

We asked Vera to share her impression of being a member of Admitad Startups’ incubator. She said, “There are many professionals in the company who are ready to support you and provide their priceless expertise. You can always get new perspectives on your business and examine it from all angles. For example, lawyers would explain legal risks and limitations. Marketers describe options for your promotion channels. The engineering team teaches you how to communicate better with developers. I feel that this allows me, as a founder, to acquire a holistic view of Lead Snake.”


Collabica lets owners of online stores built on Shopify make the most of cross-selling. Retailers and suppliers from all over the world use Collabica to find partners whose products they can cross-sell. This solution saves time and money for owners of D2C brands. Daria is the founder and product manager of Collabica. When asked to talk about her experience with Admitad Startups’ incubator, she had this to say: “Our managers’ responsiveness never fails to amaze me. Whenever you have a question, a problem, or a simple request, you’re encouraged to approach your boss and speak your mind. It also helps that Admitad Startups perfected their remote work practices. You and your colleagues might be sitting in different countries, but issues get resolved, and tasks get completed. Basically, things get done very fast. This is so different from the corporate culture of larger companies.”

Areas our incubator works in

Talented professionals are welcome to join our incubator and grow in any area:

  • Marketing department. Our marketers identify the optimal tools for boosting product sales and stay on top of all things marketing. You’ll be able to work with product managers and launch international projects.
  • Tracking department. Trackers at the Admitad Startups incubator deal with risk reduction, team control, and advisory support. They help our projects set and achieve the right goals.
  • Analytics. Our analysts and statisticians are at the heart of our R&D processes. They search for new markets and analyze the prospects of each business idea before we start working on it.
  • Production team. Our in-house design professionals take care of everything that has to do with stunning visuals, creatives, style, and branding.
  • The CustDev Center is responsible for researching customers and conducting interviews. Each CustDev Center employee is a powerhouse at building networks of useful industry connections. 
  • Product management. Our product managers are high-level experts in product development. They offer their guidance to startup teams, monitor the hypothesis testing process, and set efficient product strategies.

Each member of our team makes the most of their interactions with publishers, advertisers, and investors, and their reputation is backed by the power and authority of Admitad Invest.

How to apply for Admitad Startups’ incubator 

Maxim Volokhov, CEO & Founder of The Admitad Startups

Our incubator is an integral part of the Admitad Startups studio, and being a part of our incubator’s team has multiple benefits. For starters, we’re interested in our employees’ personal and professional growth. That’s why we put a lot of effort into teambuilding and networking. With us, you’ll be continuously acquiring new soft and hard skills and learning to build truly incredible businesses. 

We encourage proactive, assertive, and fearless talented individuals from across the world to join our incubator. Want to become a part of the team? Check our open positions and apply. And if vacancies on the list aren’t to your liking, take a look at the incubator’s areas of work above and contact us if your skills could propel some of these areas forward!

It’s impossible to get the necessary expertise at university, college, or a training course. Only hands-on experience and cross-pollination of ideas can help you become a true startup guru. And that’s exactly what we offer at Admitad Startups!