Drive and the spirit of competition: employees about two Healthy Weeks at Admitad

From 1 to 15 August, Admitad held a series of events as a part of the annual Healthy Weeks program. The running challenge together with Nike was the opening event. More than a hundred employees have registered in the NRC app to run as many kilometers as possible and enter the top five. All together we ran 3824 km in 15 days.

“I would like to thank the organizers of our run with Nike, especially those guys who took an active part. Thanks to you we managed to create an atmosphere of competition. It was amazing! ”, – said Alexey Stepchenko, one of the winners of the challenge.

The first place in the race was taken by Himani Singh (India) and Yulia Lavrenko (Ukraine). Both employees covered a distance of 345 km and received certificates for Nike products.

“It was quite a challenge for me to run such a distance because before my regular run was about six kilometers per day and twelve if it was just run with no exercises. It’s hard to call difficult because the idea or even the goal to be the first one drived me a lot. I am proud to be a member of such a sporty team and admire all of you!” – shared her emotions Yulia Lavrenko, HR Generalist at Admitad.

In addition, webinars with a coach on physical well-being and energy management, morning yoga and breathing practices as well as lectures with a psychologist and a nutritionist were held for employees.

“The nutritionist told us about the importance of determining your metabolic type, about your sleep patterns and taught us how to properly form your diet. Now I want to choose carefully what I eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” said Veronika Batmanova, Internal Communications Manager at Admitad.

 During two weeks everyone could take part in the marathon of healthy habits: the guys had to walk a certain number of steps per day, drink the required amount of water, sleep at least 7 hours a day as well as complete daily tasks and send their results in the common chat. 15 employees reached the end of the marathon and received healthy food sets.

Healthy breakfast contest was a final event. Employees shared their recipes and selected the best ones together. 5 winners won certificates for breakfast in Eggcellent and Honey Cafe.

In the picture above, you can see the recipe which took 2nd place. There are more events to come in the future!

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