Anna Gidirim Appointed Head of Admitad Partner Network

Starting April 1, Admitad Partner Network will be headed by Anna Gidirim, the former Head of Admitad Partner Network Russia. Anna will be responsible for all the regions of Admitad presence – Europe, North America, LATAM, MENA, APAC, Russia, and CIS.

Admitad COO Artem Ozerkov: Over the years at Admitad, Anna has shown what a brilliant specialist she is. She possesses a deep knowledge of the market, can organize work, and build efficient teams. Her goal in the new position will be to bring Admitad to the very pinnacle of the global affiliate market.

Anna has been studying marketing and global economics at Moscow’s Plekhanov University and Higher School of Economics. She joined Admitad in 2014 as a Junior Retargeting Manager and grew to become Region Manager in 2019. We believe she has all the expertise and understanding of how to manage a global affiliate network and is fully capable of making Admitad greater than ever before.

Head of Admitad Partner Network Anna Gidirim: “We pursue an ambitious goal — becoming the leader in the global affiliate market — and we have done pretty well in the last couple of years. Affiliate marketing is not as unfamiliar as it used to be. Advertisers find it useful to increase their sales by paying for each confirmed action, and publishers can enjoy monetizing their traffic sustainably. We are making our tools available to everyone, and keep nurturing partnerships that are profitable for online businesses. We have a long road ahead, but also an amazing team, and I am happy to be a part of it.“