Admitad starts working remotely due to Covid-19 threat

We in Admitad realize the graveness of the situation and feel responsible for the well-being of our staff and their loved ones, as well as for the health of our advertisers and publishers. Starting March 23, all corporate employees across the globe start working remotely.

To prevent the spreading of coronavirus we:

  • canceled all international business trips till the end of April (and can prolong it if necessary);
  • revoked participation in all industry events across the globe;
  • hold business meetings with publishers and advertisers online;
  • launched an online coffee point so that our employees can drink coffee and discuss business matters.

We do not succumb to panic – it is simply a safety measure.

Why are we doing it?

It doesn’t matter what country you are from, or how big your apartment is. All that matters is that the whole world now suffers from the same pandemic situation, followed by the quarantine and global home office mode.

One of the core Admitad values appreciated by our clients and partners is the quality of service. That is why we had a test day to eliminate and prevent all the errors and lags associated with the shift to home office mode. As a result of it, we made sure that this approach does not hit our productivity. Also, we held a few meetings with our employees and instructed them on how to organize their work from home.

Now we are certain that switching to the new mode will not harm the level of service we provide to our clients and partners. All the systems (including billing, verification of orders and communication) were set and double-checked so that our employees have all the necessary tools and are in touch during the regular working hours.

And most importantly, we realize how crucial it is to stick together while we are apart. Let us keep this positive attitude through the quarantine!

We’ll be reachable whenever you need us.

Sincerely yours,

Admitad team.