Admitad runs!

We at Admitad are always trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. During the past two months, our team took part in both a charity run and the Motorman run.

While running underneath the scorching heat of the sun, participants had to overcome various obstacles such as crawling in the mud, while having to consistently support each other every step of the way. Although the tracks were challenging, everyone was successful in making it to the end, which lead to an abundance of emotionally positive experiences for many involved.

“It was my first 5km, so I had to prepare. I trained a lot during the two weeks before the run. It was hot that day, and it was not that easy to run, but thanks to our team spirit, we all managed to cross the finish line. The atmosphere was full of excitement and joy. “ I am looking forward to participating in similar events in the future”, commented Olga, a Corporate Communications Manager at Admitad

“Two months before the run, we started preparing for it together with my colleagues. We went running in groups several times a week. I liked the preparation, it strengthened the unity of our team. Also, on the day of the event we ran together in several groups. It was not easy, but together we managed the obstacles well. I am grateful to the guys from my team for the help and care they gave me. I can’t wait to participate in the run again next year and achieve even better results”, shared Feroza, an Accountant at Admitad